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Singapore Round Table 3 is the latest table in the city state Singapore. Following the charter of the first and second table, a third table has started. The vision of Round Table is to represent the multicultural character of Singapore and promote tabling as well.

Tabling is a journey! The formation of this table is a story of persistence. Two tablers from SRT1 started the initiation of a new third table in Singapore. The main reason is to extend the current association.

About Round Table

Round Table is a worldwide association, platform and a network where young men (up to 40 or 45) have a voice. A voice that can create change and impact on lives of others and your own.

Round Table is expanding in Asia and has a footprint in Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India. Round Table has a footprint in over 50 countries world wide and has over 50.000 members.

Round Table Singapore

In 2013 Round Table started in Singapore. Visit the national site of Round Table Singapore to read more.

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About SRT3 tablers



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Aims and objects of Singapore Round Table 3

[raw][column size=”1/4″]#1. To foster fellowship between young men through their professional and social activities[/column]
[column size=”1/4″]#2. To encourage activity and a sense of responsibility through development of the highest ideals both in the civil as in the professional field[/column]
[column size=”1/4″]#3. To promote and extend cooperation, friendship and understanding between nations and people[/column]
[column size=”1/4″ last]#4. To further the Round Table movement worldwide