Singapore RT3 Charter Event

Finally, after months of preparation, Singapore Round Table (SRT3) was chartered officially on 7th October 2017 at M Hotel Singapore with 9 initial members:

  • Alexis van Dam (Netherlands) – Charter Chairman & IRO
  • Petri Riikonen (Finland) – Charter Vice Chairman
  • Vinay Paulose (India) – Charter Treasurer
  • Jesper Terkelsen (Denmark) – Charter Secretary
  • Harmen Boot (Netherlands)
  • Mark Toh (Singapore)
  • Pascal Gekko (Indonesia)
  • Pavitra Malalasekara (Sri Lanka)
  • Vikas Bhalotia (India)

Witnessed by over 40 Tablers from all around the world who come especially for the Charter, SRT is officially accepted as a new Table of Round Table International.!

About the Charter

The charter is an official ceremony when a Table and the initial members are officially acknowledged as one new Round Table and be a part of the Global Round Table Movement. This event marks the starting point of the new Table and the commitment of the Tablers to hold the Round Table values in their personal brands.

The Charter Weekend

The Charter weekend started on 6th October 2017, with over 40 Tablers from different parts of the world arriving at Singapore for the charter, fellowship and fun weekend!

SRT3 Charter Welcome

Tablers reached M Hotel Singapore, warmly welcomed by Alexis and Nadia for registration and to ensure that they were all smooth in checking into the hotel.

The fun soon started in Lau Pa Sat Festival Market (hawker center), a famous open-air eating place in Singapore, for Satay, Prawn and Beer dinner!

SRT3 Charter Dinner

Good food and good Tablers really set the mood of the night with laughs, share of experiences, and of course: pinning.

SRT3 Charter Pinning

The dinner ended, but the night was still young. So the fun continues at Clarke Quay Singapore with more Tablers and families joined:

SRT3 Charter Fellowship Night

Fun night with all the Tablers, circlers and guests ended the first night of the Charter weekend 🙂

SRT3 Charter Fellowship Night

The morning after…

The next day started with free agenda before assembling for the Tiger Brewery Tour at noon. Several Tablers used the time to visit parts of Singapore, several decided to relax in the hotel, and several more visited Lau Pa Sat for Singaporean Local Food lunch.

At noon, with the bus prepared by the Charter Committee, off the Tablers went to the Tiger Brewery, expecting to get plenty of chilled beer:

SRT3 Charter Fun Pack

After understanding on how the tropical Tiger Beer is brewed, the Tablers got what they expected: free flow chilled beer!

The time limit stipulated ended quickly and it was already the time to go back for the charter.

High tea for the ladies

On Saturday afternoon, while the gents were visiting Tiger Breweries, Ladies Circle Singapore organized a High Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel for other partners attending the SRT3 Charter Weekend. Girl talk and a freshly-prepared assortment of English scones, finger sandwiches, delicate pastries and tempting sweets accompanied by a selection of fine tea, was just what the ladies needed! Ladies Circle Singapore encouraged the ladies attending, to take a moment for the 25th year of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, and handed out pink ribbons to raise awareness for this cause.

Charter ladies high tea

Here comes the Charter

Soon after reaching the hotel, everyone started to get dressed in their suits for the Charter Ceremony in Shenton Room M Hotel. The Charter started at 5:30pm with over 50 people attending:

Alexis, SRT3 Charter Chairman warmly welcomed the Tablers.

Not forgetting to mention the Master of Ceremony (Robin, Right) and the Sergeant (Manoj, Left) who helped to ensure the event rolled out well:


And here are the prospective SRT3 Tablers:

SRT3 Charter New Tablers

Who soon were officiated as Singapore Round Table 3 Members as SRT3 was chartered!

SRT3 Charter New Tablers

Left to Right: Vinay, Petri, Alexis, Pascal, Jesper, Harmen, Pavi, Vikas (Missing: Mark)


The SRT Charter Board:

SRT3 Charter Charter Board

Left to Right: Vinay, Alexis, Jesper, Petri


The Twinning Certificate with Singapore Round Table 1:

SRT3 Charter Twinning Agreement

As SRT3 was chartered, congratulations and well-wishes poured in non-stop from all the other excited attending Tablers. Pins, Flags, and Gifts were exchanged among the Tablers as momento to remember this monumental day.

SRT3 Charter Banner Exchange

And of course a toast and some buffalo’s as well.

Singapore RT3 Charter Event

The ceremony ended and Singapore Round Table 3 was officially chartered.

The moment didn’t end there, the Tablers were still in high spirits and off we went to J Bar in the M Hotel for Oktoberfest festive Buffet Dinner:

SRT3 Charter Party

Such a memorable and fun day for the Tablers!

Thank you

We would like to thank first of all the Ladies Circle #sidebyside team that helped us, tablers organise this event. We wish LCSG1 good luck in organising their charter in December 2017 !and SRT3 will return the favor to be #sidebyside.

Thank you to all visiting tablers from all over the world to celebrate our charter together. Big thanks to our sponsor Tablers: Colombo Taprobane Round Table 3 (CTRT3), RT91 Voorschoten – Leidschendam & Singapore Round Table 1. Thanks to the hotel and all others.

What Next?

Now that SRT3 is official, we are excited about the upcoming activities, new people we will be meeting, and especially for making positive impacts around us, together as one Table with the motto of Adopt, Adapt and Improve. At last, as always said by Alexis our chairman: Tabling is a journey!

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