Initiating Singapore Round Table 3

Hello, my name is Alexis Van Dam, I started my Table journey in a small town between The Hague and Leiden in The Netherlands. I joined my local Ronde Tafel 91 Voorschoten – Leidschendam RT91 in 2014. The members (Tablers) became my close friends. We had a lot of fun times-out, and organised activities such as “Sailing Tabling” for over 200 pax – which could be compared to restaurant hopping in boats! With a group of Tablers we attended the RT Euromeeting weekend in Belgium. Of course, we also helped several charities in the area.

In April 2016 I moved to Singapore and joined Singapore Round Table 1 SRT1. I helped organise the 2016 Round Table Singapore Annual General Meeting and became Secretary of the SRT1 Board 2016-2017. I was asked to participate in the ASPA Region meeting in Sri Lanka, where I met many Tablers from Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. Later that year, my wife and I attended the World Meeting in Nepal. I have participated in charity projects, socials and have enjoyed learning about cultures new to me. In the meantime, my wife has started the First Ladies Circle Singapore – in formation.

At the start of 2017, I took the initiative of forming the 3rd Singapore Table. This new Table is formed by SRT1 to branch out Tabling in Singapore. My ambition for this new Table is to have a group of great guys aged between 25-45. The Table is open to all nationalities, professions and religions. As the initiator of the Table, I will make sure it will be a well-balanced group.

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