2019 SRT3 AGM board copy

Early April 2019, the second Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Singapore Round Table 3 (SRT3) took place. It was time to look back on the past year and hand over leadership to a new board. For this special occasion, SRT3 rented a bungalow close to Singapore’s beautiful east coast shore to hold this important meeting and celebrate the past and future of SRT3. With a fridge filled with beer and lots of food, the scene was set perfectly for this event.

AGM Meeting

During the business meeting, the tablers enjoyed watching the year video about the past year. Many fellowships, international exposure and Alexis being awarded as “RTI ASPA Tabler of the year” were certainly highlights of this year.

After the review, the new board was inaugurated: Jesper (Chairman), Vinay (Vice Chairman), Pim (secretary), Jurek (Treasurer) and Alexis (IPP and IRO) will form the new board of SRT3.


New Leadership

In his introduction speech, Jesper explained this year’s motto “Growing together”.  This motto already described the unofficial part of the evening: It was time for an extended BBQ and some “bromance”. In the middle of the night, Vinay got the honour to join the buffalo fraternity and he bravely survived the induction ceremony. Actually, he enjoyed the ceremony so much that he decided to lose his buffalo pin right that night and got the privilege to go through the ceremony a second time that night…

2019 SRT3 AGM breakfast


Surprisingly, the next morning welcomed us with some headache. Nevertheless, the few remaining beers were “disposed of” and the weekend ended with a nice brunch at East Coast.

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