There is no better way to kick start the weekend than to meet up with members of the Round Table family. This time around, 5 Tablers from SRT3, 3 Circlers from LCSG1 and 2 spouses met up at 6AM on 6 October 2018 to help cook and pack meals that were to be sent to over 6000 underprivileged residents around Singapore. While some of the tablers are regulars to Willing Hearts, for the rest, it was an aspect of Singapore that many are not fortunate enough to experience- the humane side to this sprawling Metropolis. Willing Hearts is a ‘soup kitchen’ that prepares and delivers wholesome meals for free to the needy across the island. It is melting pot of enthusiastic volunteers from various walks of life who take time off to help feed strangers- ones less fortunate than themselves.

As soon as we got there, we were put straight to work. Jan spent 3 hours cooking while Sameera, Rebecca, Emma, Charissa, Lea, Jesper, Jurek, Petri and Vinay spent most of our time in the packing department. Although the work was repetitive, the people there make all the difference. We were the second largest group there after Amazon Web Services. We chatted about everything under the sun with people within our group and outside. All through we were looking out for ways to improve our processes and make our packing operation that much more efficient. Another great thing about willing hearts is that there are so many different things to be done that you can do a variety of tasks depending on you feel like that day. In the past, tablers have been involved in cooking (meat and veggies), chopping, unloading trucks of produce, supplying raw materials to the various departments, cleaning, packing, delivering packaged food across the island etc etc. By around 9AM it was time to dispose of our gloves and hair-caps as we gathered for a customary group picture before heading off to the local hawker centre for some well deserved Kopi-o and roti-prata. After an entertaining meal together, we all went our separate ways and got on with the rest of our weekend, knowing that tabling had once again brought us that much closer together.

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