The Singapore Round Table 3 Board has the following roles:

  • Alexis van Dam, Chairman
    Overall responsible for the Table.
  • Petri Riikonen, Vice-Chairman
    Replaces the Chairmen when he is absent
  • Jesper Terkelsen, Secretary
    Managing minutes, administration, the website and communicating between tables.
  • Vinay Paulose, Treasurer
    Responsible for finances and accounting
  • Alexis van Dam, International Relation Officer (IRO)
    Usually, the IPP since he knows his way around internationally. In contact with the ASPA region chairman and other table countries
  • N/a, Immediate Past President (IPP)
    The Chairmen becomes automatically IPP after his one-year to lead.

The board is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Table. The board has Committees to assist for specific projects.